Again, an inspiration! ^_^ Similarities to one of Matrix's fanfics, yes, I know... I just got this inspiration. Besides, I like Gyarados and dragons.

Dragon's Blood
by Alyssa

Some call me the Terror of the Seas. I can be. I can also be as gentle as a Horsea. It all depends on whether you repsect me or not.

Many people respect only my power. Not me. They fear me. And so to them, I am the Terror of the Seas. Gyarados are only cruel to those who do not respect them. All I want is a trainer who respects me for me, and not for my ability to win battles.

My only trainer had no respect for me at all.

He bought me for money, and when he found how weak I was as a Magikarp, he hated me. And he kicked me.

So I had to kill him.

Actually, I don't think he is dead. But my revenge has been carried out. Unless I see him again.

Gyarados have burning dragon's blood running through us. Even the dragon-type Pokemon do not have true dragon's blood. They are not as proud or as sure as the Gyarados. Those of dragon's blood will treat others as we are treated. Even as Magikarp.

Because unlike many Pokemon, Gyarados never forget what happened to us as Magikarp.

What is such a shame, is that my trainer had kind green eyes. I thought he would raise me with the kindness I saw.

If he had, if he had even had the tiniest bit of true respect for me, for who I am - I would be forever loyal at his side.

We treat others as we are treated. Just moreso. If only he hadn't hated me, he would have had a fast ally for all time.

For the loyalty of the dragon's blood is unshakable. And the anger of the dragon's blood is nigh impossible to mollify.

If only he would have treated me with the love and respect no Pokemon does not deserve.

But now, he is forever denied the strength of dragon's blood.



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